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2024 Spring and Fall Courses

 • Sabbatical year


Teaching Interests

Classrooms and laboratories both provide an environment to help students grow and develop into engineers who can work in academia and industry. My primary goal in engineering student teaching is to help them obtain a strong fundamental background so they can continue to understand the ever-advancing technologies.

Past Courses

 • Introduction of Materials Science Engineering, Undergraduate

 • Introduction of ICT Convergence Technology, Undergraduate

 • Advanced Metal Surface Engineering, Undergraduate

 • Corrosion Engineering, Undergraduate

 • Electrochemistry, Undergraduate 

 • Introduction of Manufacturing and Industry Engineering, Undergraduate  

 • Coagulation and Casting Engineering, Undergraduate

 • Materials Selection and Application, Undergraduate

 • Materials Experimentation, Undergraduate

 • Nonferrous Materials, Undergraduate

 • Advanced Surface Engineering, Graduate

 • Corrosion Engineering, Graduate

 • Master Thesis & Res., Graduate

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